AEO are typical of non-ionic surface active agent, oxygen molecules of base mesh can be adjusted in the process of synthesis of human, it can be made of different properties and uses of non-ionic surface active agent, ether bond in the molecular is not easily destroyed by acid, alkali, high stability, and it owns better water soluble, electrolyte resistance, easily biodegradable, small bubble, it is widely used in textile printing, dyeing industry and washing industry.

1.The series of products are acid-resisting and alkali-resisting, which is not sensitive to hard water. Cold washing performance is good. It also can be used to produce industrial cleaning agent.
2. In the textile dyeing and printing industry, because of its good scouring, diffusivity, levelness, wetability and foaming properties, it can be used as all kinds of dyes leveling agent, dispersant, peel color agent, retarding agent, printing reserving agent, prevent white agent and brightening agent.
3. In the chemical industry, it can be used to produce glass fiber emulsifier, chemical fiber spinning oil components, and improve spinnability of chemical fiber.
4. Used as a cleaner in the metal machining processes, it makes much easier to remove surface oil pollution, thus the follow-up process will be convenient.
5. In the latex industry, used as polymer emulsifiers in emulsion polymerization industry.
6. In the pesticide industry, it is used as fruit tree pesticide penetrating agent, emulsifier.