Calcium Formate is white crystal powder,used as acidifying agent in all kinds of animal feeds, mildew preventive, antibacterial agent, effectively preventing diarrhea, could adjust the intestinal function to promote nutrients absorption. Food industrial additives, plant growth regulator.

It is also used as fast coagulant, early strength of the cement. Mainly used in building mortar and various concrete to speed up the hardening speed of cement and shorten the condensation time, especially in winter construction, to avoid the slow condensation speed at low temperatures. Decompression is fast, so that cement can be put into use as soon as possible.

For various kinds of dry mixing mortar, various kinds of concrete,wear-resisting material, floor industry.

As desulphurizing agent that can be used as a high sulphur fuel.

As leather industry auxiliaries, widely used in high-grade leather manufacturing.

Besides,it also can be used Oil Drilling Industry.