Carbon black is formed by the accumulation of spherical or chain particles with an average diameter of 5~30nm, and the internal microcrystalline structure with a diameter of 3~500nm, which can react with various free radicals.The proportion of carbon black is 1.8~1.9, the proportion of granular carbon black is 0.35~0.4, and the proportion of powdered carbon black is 0.04~0.08.

Carbon black can increase the tensile strength, hardness, tear resistance, wear resistance and other properties of rubber products, it is mainly used as a rubber reinforcing agent, especially for tires.Carbon black's color is extremely black, covering strength is very strong, also is the ideal black pigment.Used to manufacture tires, rubber tubes, conveyor belts and other rubber products as well as ink, dye, paint and other products.

Carbon Black is mainly applied to various rubber products such as tires,rubber overshoes,cable,seal ring,tape etc.Moreover they can be applied to such relevant industries as plastic manufacture.