There are two types of Sodium carboxymethyl cellulose, alkaline and neutral, depending on the application. Alkaline, industrial low viscosity (2% aqueous solution) 0.2~0.5Pa·s; neutral, industrial medium viscosity (2% aqueous solution) 0.3~0.6Pa ·S, industrial high viscosity (2% aqueous solution) 0.8~1.0Pa·s.

It's widely used in oil industry drilling mud treatment agent, synthetic detergent, organic builder, textile printing and dyeing sizing agent, daily-use chemical products water-soluble colloidal tackifier, tackifier and emulsifier for pharmaceutical industry, and food industry Thickener, adhesive for ceramic industry, industrial paste, sizing agent for paper industry, etc. Used as flocculant in water treatment, mainly used for wastewater sludge treatment, can increase the solid content of filter cake.