Cold Formed Steel Building Material Chemical Anchor

Chemical Anchor Chemical anchor bolt is a new type of fastening material, composed of chemicals and metal rod body. It is a new type of following expansion anchor bolt, is through a special chemical adhesive, fix the screw cement concrete base material in drilling, in order to realize the fixed anchor composite parts, can be used for all kinds of dry hanging curtain wall, marble construction shall add after the installation, also can be used for equipment installation, roads, Bridges, guardrail installation; Such as building reinforcement and reconstruction.It is a commonly used material for cold-formed steel framing construction.Chemical anchor and self tapping metal screws are light steel structures must be material. Operation Process 1.Drill hole on substrate 2.Clean hole  3.Put into drug tubes 4.Screwing in Screw The screw should have 45° cutting angle in the front and hexagonal nut in the back. The screw should be screwed into the bottom of the hole.…

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